Blue Eyed Son


It's a feature length screenplay

A feature film script, "Blue Eyed Son" is a war drama, but also a "coming of old age"  story.  Far more than a war story, or an anti-war story, "Blue Eyed Son's" larger, universal themes have more to do with the human condition within the natural culture of war.  It's a descendent of movie war stories that call out the price our heroes pay within that culture.

A lead male to play a veteran who is 82 years old

Dan Keller is 82.  He's arrogant, unruly, condescending, but he's the war hero of three American wars.  So he's always at the front of every Veterans Day parade in his small town.  He, and the other veterans, acknowledge truths about their roles in the wars they fought.  In truth, though, veterans are often at war with themselves.

Two from Viet Nam era

Jimmy is in his sixties.  He is the lone resident of a condemned hotel and can barely manage electricity, let alone cancer caused by Agent Orange.  Chapman, his boyhood friend, avoided the draft in the sixties, but lost his son in Afghanistan.

A female war hero - Afghanistan

Nicolette is a young soldier who suffered an attack that left her seriously injured, and left her fiance dead.

Alzheimer's, aging, infidelity, suicide, and a small town with no prospects

Does it sound like a comedy yet?  In fact, it is a dramedy.  A small town that has not seen its share of post-industrial investment, where the past is always present, is inhabitated by colorful characters and anchored by a condemned hotel popular among visiting ghosthunters.   


Because veterans love to tell their stories.  So these guys ride the VA Bus and tell their stories.  

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