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Blue Eyed Son - brief synopsis


In 2010 a group of American and Vietnamese workers discover bones in muddy debris in the Quang Tri Province.  The bones are likely the remains of a U.S. soldier that died in a Huey crash.  The remains are also likely to be those of Tad Keller, son of Dan Keller, hero of three wars.  This news would have been hopeful, good news,  but Tad has been missing for forty years and Dan is now 82 years old.  And Dan Keller has been through this before.  He’s provided DNA several times, but his son has never been found.    And at 82 Dan has long ago buried the boy’s mother, Corrie, a German woman he rescued and married at the end of World War Two, and brought to live in the small town of Rupert.  Corrie had suffered from Alzheimer’s brought on by the extreme grief of losing the boy.  Dan was her caretaker, but not a kind one.  In fact, Dan was arrogant, condescending and filled with bravado.  Nevertheless, his war stories are the most entertaining, the most extraordinary.  He IS his stories.   Another man, Wayne Chapman, has returned to Rupert to bury his own blue eyed son in the small town cemetery, a soldier, Liam, who was killed in Afghanistan.  Wayne was Tad’s friend from age 5, but when it came time to go to Viet Nam with Tad, and their other friend, Jimmy, Wayne chose to burn his draft card instead.  This was unthinkable for Dan, who shot Wayne in the back with buckshot.  Jimmy served alongside Tad, and suffered PTSD so severe that he has yet to heal.  He is now in his late sixties, living in a condemned building, the Porterfield Hotel, and suffering from agent orange-related cancer.   But with all this passion for or against war, for all this service, war has come again.  This time, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Nicolette Turlo is a young injured soldier who has come from Walter Reed Hospital to Rupert to bury her fiancé- Liam.  All these soldiers, and one draft dodger, along with a Civil War reenactor named Buck, cope with PTSD, injuries, aging, and loss .  Only Dan denies suffering from any of it, until finally moved to question the glory of his past heroics, while facing inevitable and insistent regrets.    A lively VA waiting room, antics on the VA bus,  a family of ducks and a hotel full of Ghosthunters are the backdrop to the emotional adventures that lead Dan Keller to take a final action as a war hero- against the Army Recruiting Center.

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HR (the author of this movie wants to remake it so....)

Vera is just pitiful.  And she needs a job.   

Hole Punch

Check out this great video.  An official selection at the recent Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (June 2018).   Written and Directed by Carl Savering, DogFaceDigital