Welcome to Angela Wilson and Off Her Meds

About Me

Hi, I'm Angela. I'm a boomer, so if that bothers you.....

I'm part Texan, part New Mexican, and part Northern Californian.

I'm a writer (plays, screenplays), but Off Her Meds is a web series.....in progress. Lisa Hassler is co-producer of the new web series OFF HER MEDS.

It probably started with a diary, but my love of writing comes from READING, especially historical non-fiction.  I love American History, so I started play writing in the mid-1990's - mashing up historical characters - to write for brilliant actors in Dallas, Texas at a place called Theatre Quorum.

I write what I want to read and what I want to see performed.

write to me at: theatrequorum@gmail.com or connect with me on facebook.  

Angela Wilson playwright