My screenplay "Blue Eyed Son" is done!!! Thanks NM WIF screenwriting group

About Me

Hi, I'm Angela. I'm a boomer, so if that bothers you.....

I'm part Texan, part New Mexican, and part Northern Californian.   My demo reel-

I'm a writer (plays, screenplays), but Off Her Meds is a web progress. Lisa Hassler is co-producer of the new web series OFF HER MEDS. Check out the director's cut of the pilot.

 I started play writing in the mid-1990's - mashing up historical characters - to write for brilliant actors in Dallas, Texas at a place called Theatre Quorum.  I've switched to Screenplays in order to memorialize and honor the many veterans in my life, and yours, who gave us freedom.  "Blue Eyed Son" is not sentimental, it is the story of three generations of soldiers, and the price they pay to serve.

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Angela Wilson playwright

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Hole Punch

Check out this great video.  An official selection at the recent Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (June 2018).   Written and Directed by Carl Savering, DogFaceDigital